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Mastering Impact with Your Clubs

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Pridružen/a: 03. 04. 2013.
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PostPostano: uto svi 14, 2013 2:22 am    Naslov: Mastering Impact with Your Clubs Citirajte i odgovorite

Nothing matters more than impact-especially when hitting an iron. It's the moment of truth. If the clubface isn't square at impact, you'll not only mis-hit the ball, you'll short-circuit power. It's one of the most damaging of power leaks. If the clubface is square at impact, you'll hit it long and straight. That's what separates players with low golf handicaps from those with high golf handicaps.

While every player is different, specific levels of players tend to have common problems. For example, players trying to break 100 often have one common swing flaw when it comes to impact. While players trying to break 80 have a different common flaw. Golf lessons and practice with taylor made burner 2.0 can eliminate these flaws. But not everyone has the time or wherewithal to attend golf instruction sessions. So we've done it for you.

Below we address the most common impact flaws among the different levels. We also provide golf tips on correcting them. Determine what level you're in and if you have the flaw. Then use the exercise described below to correct it.

Golfers With High Golf Handicaps
New players and those struggling to break 100 have one glaring flaw: They tend to focus too much on making contact with the ball instead of taking a good swing. They're "ball bound." These players put all their energy into hitting the ball with burner 2.0 irons. But all too often they don't hit it well. Frequently, the swing stops at impact. Good players swing "through the ball." If you're in this category, below is an exercise that should help.

Golfers With Middle Golf Handicaps
Experienced players and those trying to break 90, tend to have a different problem. They've conquered the fear of missing the ball on a tee. But their mechanics for hitting a ball with taylor made r11 irons on the ground need work. Tight lies are the worst. When these golfers swing at balls, they tend to tense up and brace for impact, short-circuiting power. This problem is part physical and part psychological. Here's an exercise to correct it.

Golfers With Low Golf Handicaps
Veteran golfers and those trying to break 80 tend to have their own common flaw. They've overcome the fear of missing the ball. They've conquered the difficulties of hitting from the ground. But they need to work on compressing the ball between the clubface and the ground with a powerful, efficient downward strike with r11 irons for sale. When a player does this, the sound of the clubface hitting the ball is different. It pierces the air and gets you're attention.

To eliminate this flaw, try this visualization drill. To be in the right impact position, the shaft needs to be leaning forward. To get this feeling when practicing on the range, imagine hitting shots that have to fly under a park bench right in front of you. To do this, your hands have to continue moving forward past impact to keep the clubhead from hitting the bench. This drills gives you the feeling of really compressing the ball between the clubface and the ground.
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Pridružen/a: 05. 02. 2019.
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PostPostano: uto vel 05, 2019 12:03 pm    Naslov: Citirajte i odgovorite

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